Blinds: What Different Styles Are Available?

Deciding that you want blinds over curtains is one thing. Unfortunately, though, that’s only the start of it; with such a wide range of different styles available, it can be very difficult to decide which types of blinds to go for. We at Supreme Shutters are here to try and make that process a little easier for you. While we can’t tell you what styles you’ll prefer, we can outline the main categories that are available.


Horizontal blinds are one of the two most popular styles. While there are a large number of other blind designs that are horizontal, we’ve grouped them all here in the same category. They are very easy to alter, allowing you to control light and privacy levels very efficiently.


Again, there are a large number of different subcategories that come under vertical blinds. The other most popular and common choice, they can be withdrawn completely out of the way, or simply adjusted like their horizontal counterparts. Until recently, they were the only real option for covering sliding doors and wider windows.


There is more scope with roller blinds to bring colour and patterns into your room. With traditional horizontal and vertical styles being broken up and in segments, they lend themselves less easily to patterns. If your decor is relatively plain and you’re looking to add something a little brighter or themed, then a patterned, roller variation is a fantastic choice.


Roman blinds are a popular variation of roller blinds. They suit smaller widows very well, allowing you to bring in a bit of pattern and colour without committing too much. Bright colours and bold patterns can be slightly scary sometimes, but bringing in a small, subtle bit of colour allows you to experiment without the danger of going too far.

Perfect fit

These blinds stay tight to the window frame, meaning that they are perfect for providing you with the exact light control you desire. Their obvious disadvantage is that they are constantly there, and can’t be withdrawn completely. If your room gets a lot of natural light though, perfect fit blinds could be a viable option.

Although we have only briefly discussed five predominant blind categories here, there are many, many more categories and subcategories out there. As a general rule, if you have a particular “look” in mind, ask about it! The chances are that it does, indeed, exist. Here at Supreme Shutters, we supply a great range of different styles and designs of blind. For more information, please do get in touch with us; you can fill out an online contact form, or contact us via telephone on 0800 955 6099 or 020 8391 3955.

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