Easy Ways To Get Your Conservatory Ready For Summer

With the summer in full swing, those golden rays beating their way down through the glass of your conservatory can create a miniature greenhouse effect. The last thing you probably considered in adding a conservatory for your home was the need for air-conditioning. The cost of keeping fans running can mount, and the risk of leaving doors and windows open can be a burden.

Perhaps your conservatory got only a minimal amount of use during the winter, and now summer is here you want to not only keep it cool but also give it a bit of a makeover. The good news is that there are a few simple ways to tackle both of these issues at the same time, with little effort, and without the need for major refurbishment.

Keeping Cool

Fitting blinds in your conservatory allows you to reduce the need for air-conditioning, as you can adjust them according to the prevalence of light. When your conservatory is not in use, you can close them completely to aid in keeping a comfortable temperature, and they come in a range of styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Adding a Touch of Style

As part of your conservatory’s summer makeover, enhancing the style and feel of the décor can go a long way towards keeping that sense of tranquillity and ambience. Conservatory blinds fit perfectly with the crisp, clean and open style of your sunspot. Unlike curtains, they won’t leave those awkward gaps for both the sun and potential intruders to peer through. Neither will they become stained, or frayed, and cleaning them doesn’t involve a trip to the dry cleaners.

Bringing the Outside Inside

An arrangement of potted plants will lend the atmosphere of a cool, green, natural habitat. Keeping temperatures under control in your conservatory aids in caring for plants than can wilt or go brown in the heat.

Adding some natural wood furniture, such as bamboo sofas or chairs, can enhance this. For something really unique, you can join in with the modern trend of fitting authentic-looking artificial grass instead of the usual tile flooring, seamlessly blending your conservatory with your garden.

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