How to Maintain Your Shutters

So, you’ve just had a new set of shutters installed in your home. They look fantastic, and really add something to the room. If you plan to keep them that way, though, it’s worth working out how to maintain your shutters. Here, Supreme Shutters have compiled a list to help you do exactly that.

This is not an extensive list, nor does it cater for every eventuality. If you’re in any doubt over the best maintenance procedures, contact the manufacturers. It does also depend on the material of your shutters, so contact us for further clarification if you need to.



If your new shutters are going to stay looking new, they’ll need to be cleaned every so often. One of the most important aspects of ensuring you maintain your shutters is cleaning. Thankfully, the cleaning demands of shutters aren’t overwhelming. It is important, however, to remove dust and dirt from them from time to time (roughly once a week). Take a duster and carefully clean between the slats, using a small amount of water if required. If your shutters are covered in dirt and dust, then using a small vacuum cleaner might ease the workload a touch.


Functionality checks

The chances are that your new shutters aren’t going to need testing after the first week you’ve had them, but as your shutters get older they could start to become stiff, and potentially damaged. If you rarely adjust the position of your shutters, or if you fiddle with them constantly, then it’s worth keeping an eye on their wellbeing. Check that the mechanisms aren’t showing any signs of wear and tear, and you should be able to avoid any significant repair jobs.


The surrounding areas

It’s not just your shutters that are responsible for how they look. The most immaculate of shutters might still look dreary and lifeless if the window, windowsill, and nearby walls aren’t looked after. The key to ensuring your shutters have the right kind of effect all year round is maintaining the overall look of that area of the room. Don’t get too hung up on cleaning your shutters that you let the nearby features of a room waste away.


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