Latest Colour Trends for Blinds in 2014

Window blinds can do a lot to not just provide privacy in a room, but also transform the appearance of the space. This therefore means that sometimes, installing window blinds may be the only thing you need to do to achieve that striking and elegant look.

However, to make this work, you can’t afford to pick your blinds at random; you have to go with window treatments that will complement what you already have in place. So, here are the colours you need to settle on if you wish to keep up with the 2014 trends as you get blinds for your home;

Blinds in Pastel Colours

You may have a mixture of colours in your space and if you get blinds in yet another bright, different colour, things may look out of place. Pastel colours are the way to go to tone things down and depending on what you have on your walls, you can pick anything from pale yellow and ivory to baby blue and dove gray.

Brightly Coloured Blinds with Plain Patterns

Working with lightly patterned blinds can help you produce a dramatic and vibrant effect; you only need to borrow a colour from what you have in your space and then get blinds in that same colour. Even if the shade you get is not exactly the same, the similarities will create harmony and create the complete look. Alternatively, you can contrast the bright blinds with dark wall colour to achieve a more striking, standout result.

Contrasting Blinds

Blinds which contrast the colours on the walls can be a great way of making them standout and create a real feature. For instance, if you have lighter colours on the walls go for a dark shade on your blinds whilst dark walls can be complemented by a lighter colour of blind.

As you incorporate blinds onto your home, you should work to balance the material and colour with your current decor for the best end results. At Supreme Shutters, we offer a wide assortment of products that can achieve this perfectly, so browse our range today to find the perfect new blinds, bang on trend for 2014, for your home.

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