Mounting Types for Our Shutters

A wide range of mounting types are available at Supreme Shutters – whether you’re set on one idea or are looking for inspiration, a member of our team can help!

Mounting Types

We supply a wide range of shutters in different styles and materials:

  • Height – A popular style that looks great on any window or door, this style of shutter extends across the full height of the window opening. Excellent for blocking the light making them perfect for the bedroom.
  • Tier on Tier – Two separate shutter panels that sit on top of each other and open independently, similar to a stable door.
  • Café Style – Practical, stylish, a shutter panel that typically only covers ½ to ¾ of the window leaving to top element clear.
  • Tracked – A set of shutter panels mounted onto tracked runners which fold in pairs to one or both sides of the recess, this system enables the option of multi bi-fold panels, suitable for wide French, bi-fold and patio door areas.
  • Special Shapes – Virtually any window shape can be accommodated either with the standard range of special shapes alternatively a custom shape can be made with a template.

Get in touch with the Supreme Shutters team to find out more about the options you have available. Whether you’re already decided on how you want everything to look or are looking for some considered, unbiased advice, we’ll be able to help.

You can call us on 020 8391 3955 or fill out one of our online contact forms.